The Major Benefits of Customer Management Software

Customer management softwares are basically softwares that a cover wide variety of applications and softwares designed to assist customers in managing customer data , automate sales and access business information. There are several distinct customer management software; below are the major ones.

Pipe Drives

Pipe Drives are sales management tools that are used by small teams that have big ambitions. They visualize sales pipelines and ensure that important conversations and activities are not dropped. Salesmen find them important because they are intuitive and easy to use. Managers also like them because they give them an easy time since they do not have to nag their teams to use their CRMs. Pipe Drives are also great at forecasting sales. They can also spot integration with other softwares like Zapiers, MailChimps as well as Google Apps.

Prosper Work CRMs

ProsperWorks are simple and smart CRMs for Google apps. They are capable of closing more deals without necessarily spending too much time when filling in records. Prosper Works CRMs will assist you to optimize, track and indentify sales contacts as well as opportunities. They can easily manage the entire sales pipeline with their highly and simple visual tools. They have a five minute set up and do not require any training to operate. They have an automate system that assists in eliminating excess data entries. Prosper Work CRMs will allow you to concentrate on what you do best thus closing more deals.

Support Center Plus

These are CRMs that specifically focus on customer interaction service management. They assist the users to resolve and track customers’ issues quickly. This makes them deliver superior customer support thus taking customer satisfaction to higher levels. Unlike the other CRM tools that are found in the market that focus on sales force automation, Support Center Plus offers Integrated Customer Interaction Management i.e. customer support desk, account and contact management, salesforce pricing, customer experience management, SLA management as well as customer self service.


Nut Shells are collaborative CRMs that are made for smarter businesses. They provide the company with powerful reporting, refined user experience, collaboration tools as well as email syncs that comprise of Google Apps. Their integrations are popular for business tools like MailChimps, Google apps, Wufoo, as well as Zendesk that allow you to spend minimal time while sifting through disparate data and extra time while nurturing both your prospects and your customer’s.

Zoho CRMs

Zoho CRMs will give you a 360 degree view of your complete sales pipeline and cycle. They spot opportunities, identify trends, reduce costs and increase efficiency by giving the right answers. They delight, retain and attract more customers. Here they give businessmen an opportunity to grow their companies’ into customer-focused organizations.